Our Mission



At Horolix, we produce our wood watches using only the finest quality materials. Each unique watch is handcrafted by a professional watchmaker. Adding a touch of nature-inspired beauty into each timepiece. 

A portion of the proceeds go directly towards rebuilding the rainforest and sustaining wild life. 
Support us for the future.

Why wear a watch

1. It's a universal accessory where anybody can elevate their style.

Horolix goes a step further, and allows you to add customizable texts to select watches.

2. It helps you value time.

Checking the date/time with your phone and having a watch is different. When you're looking into your phone in a professional field it becomes a distraction not only to yourself, but to other people. By having a watch it will help your work ethics. Personally, wearing a watch around helped me respect mine and others time.

3. It shows what type of person you are.

Whether you are wearing a dress watch, sports watch, tech watch, it shows what your style is and reflects your personality.

4. It's a great way to start conversations.

No matter what watch you are wearing, you will have a story on how you got your beautiful time piece. If somebody has a watch on. An easy question to ask to start a conversation is by asking them by complementing about their time piece and asking what their story is.